Holländische Ärzte zu EMS - Pressemitteilung

Holländische Ärzte zu EMS - Pressemitteilung

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Medical Appèl radiation risks from doctors:

Reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields.
On April 8, 50 doctors will present a call to leaders in politics and health in the Dutch
government city The Hague. Based on their own experiences, they call for measures to be
taken to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The signatories noted a general increase in chronic diseases with uncertain causes. This
increase in health and welfare problems occurs simultaneously with the explosive increase in
radiation exposure in the environment.

The appeal thus is a call to reduce the exposure to these fields. Also it aims a more
conscious use of electrical and wireless technology. And it encourages policy, based on any
peer reviewed scientific studies published in international scientific journals, without further
filtering to be applied.

The signatories are all Dutch doctors, general practitioners, specialists or medical scientists.
Among them is general practitioner E.P.M. Adriaansens, who will explain some cases from
her medical practice. Also a patient will report his occurring symptoms in relation to exposure
to specific electromagnetic fields.

Symptoms that patients and scientists relate to high or low frequency electromagnetic fields
(EMF) include: palpitations, concentration and memory disorders, headache, fatigue, stress
and sleep disorders. These can sometimes be remedied with simple measures such as
replacing a DECT phone by a telephone cord. Some scientists relate electromagnetic
exposure to an increased risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer. Sources of EMF
are more mobile and DECT phones, mobile radio communications, power lines and
household electrical equipment.

Example from medical practice:
Ms R 48 year, works since 10 years in a greenhouse, not previously failed to work due disease. From
August on there is a wireless network in the greenhouse. In November 2008 gets electric shock
through electric adjustable bed, burning sensation behind the shoulder blades and in the throat,
sensitive tendons in hands and feet, poor sleep, fatigue, stomach complaints, no longer experiences
difference between hot and cold, can no longer sweat, can not stand hard sounds anymore, also more
incisive burning sensation in the skin rash. What is the diagnosis: Neurological disorder? -
Somatisation disorder?- Hypertension? - Electro Hyper Sensitivity?

Given the fact that adequate information about the risks of EMF still lacks for citizens, despite
mounting scientific evidence, the Dutch organizations ‘National Platform Radiation Risks’,
‘Electro Hyper Sensitivity Foundation’, ‘Health and Environmental Reporting’ and ‘Children
Telephone’ released an information leaflet.

On April 8 2009 between 2 and 4 PM a delegation will introduce the ‘Medical Appèl Radiation
Risks’, together with the leaflet "Safe Mobile Phone use”.

More information: Alex Swinkels - Dutch National Platform Radiation Risks
+31-181-785587, info@stralingsrisicos.nl, http://www. stralingsrisicos.nl
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