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Beduftungswahn nun auch im Flugzeug

BeitragVerfasst: Freitag 12. September 2014, 10:35
von Kira
Fluggesellschaft parfümieren ihre Flugzeug-/Passagierkabinen

... Das Aroma, genannt Mediterraneo, hat drei Schichten, nach einem Bericht von skift : "Top-Noten von Zitrone, Bergamotte, Zitrusblüten werden von einem floralen Herz aus Rose, Iris und Jasmin, gefolgt, und Untertönen von weißem Moschus, Vanille, und Sandelholz. Es ist ein Duft von frischen Aromen, weich und zart, die auch ausgewählt werden, um einen erholsamen Erlebnis für die Passagiere zu generieren gebaut. "

Der Duft wird auch in Flughafen-Lounges der Fluggesellschaft eingesetzt werden. ...

Airline to Perfume Its Aircraft Cabins

August 21, 2014 9:24 am by Tim Winship ... d=19726856

Re: Beduftungswahn nun auch im Flugzeug

BeitragVerfasst: Mittwoch 15. Oktober 2014, 22:41
von Caldito
Wahnsinn! Man kann sich ja bald nirgendwo mehr hintrauen. Ich war kürzlich in einem Parkhaus, das beduftet war. Fand ich auch übel! :?

Duftstoffe in Flugzeugen (engl.)

BeitragVerfasst: Sonntag 8. Februar 2015, 12:06
von Karlheinz
Airlines Try Signature Fragrances, but Not Everyone Is On Board
Carriers Try Fragrances, but Some Passengers Aren’t On Board

Beyoncé’s latest perfume is called Rise, “the scent of empowerment.” Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams and Jennifer Aniston have signature scents, too. So does Delta Air Lines .

Delta’s offering is Calm, an eau d’aeroport that it sprays in airplane cabins and infuses in the hot towels it gives out in premium classes. It has been spreading Calm for about two years, joining a handful of other carriers vying for olfactory distinction by developing their own individualized odors. The fragrant fliers include United Continental Holdings , Turkish Airlines and Air Canada’s low-cost rouge operation. Spain’s Iberia is close to launching its own aroma, and Alaska Airlines is working on one. ... 1422832562

Indeed, flying fragrances risk a backlash from people with asthma and allergies, also, sufferers of what is known as multiple chemical sensitivity, says Aileen Gagney, an environmental program manager at the American Lung Association in Seattle. Ms. Gagney says she gets migraines and has breathing problems if subjected to someone else’s perfume, lotion, or hair spray. “I can’t even imagine a signature scent in an airport,” she says. “I’d put a cloth over my face.”

WSJ erwähnt MCS. Wer hätte das gedacht. Post Murdoch.

Nicht alle machen mit beim Duftwahn:

And some carriers have shelved their perfume plans. Qantas Airways had a scent in some of its airport lounges but snuffed it out in favor of the food smells generated by its chefs whipping up fresh meals in the clubs. British Airways entertained the notion, and then thought better of it.

Auch die Leserkommentare sind wenig enthusiastisch:

I agree with you 100%. I can barely tolerate "clean" air let alone so-called fragrances. My wife tried some new skin product when she was downstairs. I was upstairs (the house is NOT massive). Within minutes I was retching. Even the "scent free" products send me over the edge. I really like breathing.