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Petition:Verbot der Herstellung und Verkauf von Lufterfrisch

BeitragVerfasst: Freitag 18. August 2017, 16:56
von Nachtigall

Verbot der Herstellung und Verkauf von Lufterfrischern weltweit!
Von: Kiki D
Ziel: EPA

Ban the manufacture and sale of air fresheners worldwide!
von: Kiki D
Ziel: EPA

Air fresheners are toxic and bad for the environment and for public health. They cause migraines,cancer, and other numerous health issues. Please encourage the public to use other methods of making their homes smell good such as opening windows, using natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda or lemon juice and baking soda, or setting dishes of coffee beans out in their homes. Air fresheners are toxic to pets and children as well.
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