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The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation

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von Kira
Welcome to the Chemical Sensitivity Foundation
The primary goal of the Chemical Sensitivity Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, is to raise public awareness about multiple chemical sensitivity. To this end, we are now enabling visitors to this site to play a short documentary produced/directed by Alison Johnson that is titled Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Short Introduction. This DVD includes footage of Dr. L. Christine Oliver, an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Harvard Medical School, CSF chair Alison Johnson, and Dr. Anne Steinemann, who speaks about her important prevalence studies and her recent study on the toxic ingredients in common fragranced products. The film also includes several MCS patients, among them veterans of the 1991 Gulf War and First Responders and others exposed to the World Trade Center toxins.

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Willkommen auf der Chemical Sensitivity Foundation
Das primäre Ziel der Chemical Sensitivity Foundation, eine 501 (c) 3 gemeinnützige Organisation, ist das öffentliche Bewusstsein für Multiple Chemical Sensitivity erhöhen. Zu diesem Zweck sind wir nun um den Besuchern dieser Website einen kurzen Dokumentarfilm / Alison Johnson produziert gerichtet, die Multiple Chemical Sensitivity betitelt wird spielen: A Short Introduction. Diese DVD enthält Aufnahmen von Dr. L. Christine Oliver, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine an der Harvard Medical School, CSF Stuhl Alison Johnson und Dr. Anne Steinemann, die über ihre wichtigsten Prävalenzstudien und ihre aktuelle Studie über die toxischen Inhaltsstoffe in spricht gemeinsame duftende Produkte. Der Film enthält auch mehrere MCS-Patienten, darunter Veteranen des Golfkriegs 1991 und First Responder und andere ausgesetzt, um die World Trade Center Toxine.

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von Kira
Mehrfache Chemische Empfindlichkeit: Eine kurze Einführung
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Short Introduction

http://chemicalsensitivityfoundation.or ... uction.htm

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Alison Johnson

Posted on July 14, 2014
by Tim Boyd

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity—A Life-Altering Condition
Produced and directed by Alison Johnson

We have inundated our environment with thousands of chemicals, many known to be toxic and many more never tested, and we still think we are the most intelligent life form on the planet. Many people brush off this state of affairs as not important or dangerous, but more and more people are learning the hard way that it is. It has reached the point where at least some local governments are starting to take action.

Sensitivity to air fresheners forced a cab driver in New York to quit. New York City has since banned air fresheners in cabs. Pesticides, chemicals from new carpets, paint, and perfume affect a lot of people. Petroleum products and mothballs are also high on the list of items that trigger life-threatening sensitivities.

Symptoms can vary widely and include headaches, migraines, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, irregular heartbeat, asthma, sinus discomfort, depression, eczema, rashes, bloating, nausea, intestinal upset and seizures.

The condition of our Gulf War veterans is particularly bad. One third of them are sick. One victim describes the scene in Kuwait where all the oil well fires burned. Everything was covered in oil or smoke. There was not enough water to clean anything. They didn’t see the sun for more than a month. Not surprisingly, they are all very sick. The Veterans’ Administration seems to be mostly in the business of rejecting disability claims.

Volunteers who helped clean up the mess after the buildings fell in the 9-11 attack are now suffering severe lung damage, probably from asbestos and other toxic material filling the air at the time. We have a lot of cleaning up to do if we, as the most intelligent species on the planet, want to avoid exterminating ourselves. The thumb is UP.

This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Summer 2014 ... on-johnson

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von Kira
Fragrance-Free Workplaces For Healthy Employees

From your co-worker's perfume to the housekeeper's cleaning solutions, workplace air is often a mixture of fumes that, due to poor air circulation, can be harmful to one's health. Now some companies are choosing to go fragrance-free. Should yours?

Originally aired on September 18, 2014

Hosted by: Nancy Redd

, Dr. Anne Steinemann (United States) Research Scientist
, Karen McDonell (Gig Harbor, WA) Social Activist ; Board of Directors, Chemical Sensitivity Foundation
, Alison Johnson (Topsham , ME) Chairperson of Chemical Sensitivity Foundation ... 3c38000346

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von howl of wolves
Lynn Lawson was also a Chemical Sensitivity Foundation Board Member