Seeking pure honest woman

Seeking pure honest woman

Beitragvon bodj » Mittwoch 15. April 2009, 12:18

Among Südtirol, Allgäu and Hessen... I am looking for a piece of land in Germany... I hope to find it and eventually my real love.
I love mountains. \"I have a dream...\": a small organic-farm, B&B for allergic people, with my princess (la mia Musa), goats, horses, building a nice-fun (energy-waste-water-etc) sustainable Haus! Does not forgetting computer job... I love it.
Or do you have a better life-project to show me?

Dream-woman doesn´t exist at the same time dream-man... My MUSA exists... Hey, where are you?
Unfortunately many dishonesty persons exist! So I´d like avoiding them.

How could be my princess-musa? I don´t know exactly also why I love surprises!
\"Something\" can meet my soul...
Nice, honest, lovable, true-blue, genuine and altruist. Big heart and centered mind with a good sense of humor and... :-)
She wants learning until to hers last day.
She is able to do that she said. She is not twice-face person.
Humility and self-hearing as the biggest journey (inside her-self and soul) of her life.
She loves her beauty without scents but only with a little bit of natural cosmetics in special events. Sorry, this is important cause of my actual allergies! Within some years it will be different, now it runs so...

She has not fear to tell me something that can hurt me if it is true.
She has not fear to get an hard discussion against me knowing that we will be together in any case. Are you able to be hard and clear without destroying your parter?
She has not fear seeing her deep dark side and consider that a safe relationship.
She loves animals and country life in a lonely and beautiful very small valley.
Living together in a simple natural way, with love...

Walking together and building future Loving each other with irony, day by day, step by step. Saying the BIG YES to your partner, at all life and for eternity. But you must know love is not the same every day. If you should try to get it ever at maximum level you could not be happy and destroyed your relationship. It is important to know that. Love as a wave, up and down. However, when you are down you can trust in your partner every time. Anything can not break your relationship if you don´t want! Nothing happens can divide... But you need choose your partner every day, every moment... also when something seems broken.

That´s my thought. And yours?

Write me by email or PM to know more...
Viele Grüße
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Re: Seeking pure honest woman

Beitragvon bodj » Sonntag 19. März 2017, 09:29

Thanks of God I got a first recovery since 2014. I returned at work 3 years ago. I am planning my job as Umweltberater but WG renovation first.
Some disability occured sometimes but now I can live in the daily ordinary life. Waiting my honest pure woman :-)
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