Dokumentarfilm: Catalyst - Our Chemical Lives (2015)

Dokumentarfilm: Catalyst - Our Chemical Lives (2015)

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Katalysator - unsere chemisches Leben (2015)
Catalyst - Our Chemical Lives (2015)

Veröffentlicht am 31.03.2015

Reported & Produced by Dr Maryanne Demasi
Co-Produced by Adam Collins
Edited by Vaughan Smith


Documentary Reveals How Prolific Chemicals Are in Our Daily Lives

June 06, 2015

By Dr. Mercola

It’s an unfortunate fact that we’re now living in a chemical soup. The documentary “Our Chemical Lives” focuses on the myriad of chemicals in our air, food, water, and household products that may be compromising your health.

Eighty-four thousand chemicals are legal for commerce in the US, all essentially unregulated. In 2011, chemicals accounted for more than $763 billion in revenue. As an example, the six billion pounds of BPA produced every year generates about $8 billion in profits for its manufacturers.

Roughly 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics alone, of which only 10 percent have been evaluated for safety, and new ones are introduced every year. Ordinary household products can be major sources of chemical exposure that add to your body’s toxic load.

Exposure to industrial chemicals and pollutants is contributing to a wide array of health problems, including asthma, breast cancer, and reproductive abnormalities, to name just a few.

Children are entering puberty at younger and younger ages. In 2010, the average age of the onset of puberty was 10.5 years for girls— six years younger than in 1860, when it was 16.6 years,1 and hormone-disrupting chemicals are likely the cause.2,3

Many industrial chemicals have been found to accumulate in the environment, and others also accumulate in your body. But even chemicals that are less likely to bioaccumulate, such as BPA, may produce significant biological effects due to their near-continuous exposure today. ... ... lpraktiker
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