Die Fakten über vielfache Chemikalienunverträglichkeit (MCS)

Die Fakten über vielfache Chemikalienunverträglichkeit (MCS)

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Die Fakten über vielfache Chemikalienunverträglichkeit

The Facts About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Posted on December 10, 2014 by John Molot

History of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical intolerance was first described as a medical condition in the 1950’s. Since that time, it has been referred to as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). In those early days, there was no body of scientific evidence that could support the existence of such a phenomenon. It didn’t make sense according to our traditional understanding of toxicology. Conventional physicians assumed that it must be psychological, although there was not much evidence to support that either.


In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the term, ‘idiopathic environmental intolerance’ (IEI) to label patients with MCS. According to opponents of the existence of MCS as a biological entity, IEI is a better term because it does not imply a chemical cause or susceptibility. Idiopathic means that we don’t know the cause. Using the term intolerance presumes no particular biological mechanism.

Those that support the use of the term IEI suggest that these patients are under the false belief that sensitivity to low-level exposures to multiple chemicals are the cause of their physical and mental symptoms. These opponents to the existence of MCS as a biological condition say that these beliefs are instilled and reinforced by speculation that common chemical exposures must be toxic, by the influence of misguided physicians, by misleading patient support/advocacy networks, and by social contagion. They say the beliefs must be bogus because they cannot be substantiated by science.

False Beliefs? No Science?

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